these are my nasty lil thoughts

(i wrote them down for you to contemplate...at a later date.)

22 June 1984
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(Do you think?)the
i do, world
is probably made
of roses & hello:

tries to use the handicapped stall in restrooms everytime, addicted to useless facts, doesnt like talking on the phone, loves making lists,

observational, determination, high ethical code, reading fast, playing dirty (yet keeping it honorable).

little animals (puppies, kittens, foals etc), all animals actually, happy endings, holding onto things for too long with disregard to consequences, males, sugar.

im a dork, moody, in college and think its making me stupid[er..heh], oh...and im gonna save the world.

what the stars think of me

i have a tribute community. imagine that.

//theres nothing i believe in more
than my own insignificance,
so why does everybody think
that my words can make a difference?//

i am not woe is me, i am not depressed. thats lame. look at everything around you. you have so much and are still unsatisfied? shame on you.

this is a journal jouur-nal. its meant for me to jot down my thoughts see? most of the time i write about my day to day life, because my thoughts usually stem from them. occasionally theres some good stuff. meh. if you cannot comprehend this madness...shoo!

××××if you add me as a friend, might wanna actually tell me about it...at least if you wanna be added back. dorkos.

yeah. i could list all the bands i listen to in my user info. music is a very big part of my life...but im not gonna push out the rest of my interests to list them all. plus, i am not a music-elitist-fuck. i dont define myself solely by what music i listen to.
you wanna know what i listen to?

××cliff notes of bio:
girl, straight-edge, vegetarian, agnostic, dorky, confused,
pLacebo: i should redo my info
pLacebo: its so old
Kid Modernist: You should.
Kid Modernist: Say something like "I'm an internet-whore, you know, you should probably stay around because I'll talka bout sexual stuff and post pictures of myself occaisionally in revealing outfits"

please consider going vegetarian. for more info on this please contact me.

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